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"Winter Sun" project

"Winter Sun" is a new project of the Univest-M group of companies in the social responsibility sphere. The Univest-M group of companies launches a new project, associated with social responsibility, namely “Winter Sun” action to be held 22-31 December 2009.

"Winter Sun" project is aimed at making children and elderly people smile, and believe in reality of New Year and Christmas wonders. A little bit more attention to the ones who need it and their gratitude will remind you that you favor not only them with warmth, but also yourself. Actually, this is required exactly now, on such dark winter nights and short gloomy cold days!

Being traditionally proactive in terms of social responsibility, the Univest-M group of companies has devised a comprehensive long-term program in this domain.

The group of companies has worked out and is successfully implementing the social responsibility program, which consists of three significant components: continuous support to physical training and sports, and the social and spiritual spheres.

In December 2008 the Univest-M group of companies triggered a new project aimed at support to the most vulnerable strata of the Belarusian society – children and veterans of the Great Patriotic War. The project named "Winter Sun" will take place from 22 to 31 December 2009.

The Univest-M group of companies will provide additional sponsorship and arrange season’s greetings to:

1. Boarding School #10 in Minsk.

2. Minsk City Council of Veterans.

3. Parish of the Cathedral of the Kazan Icon of the Mother of God of the village of Okolovo, Logoisk district, Minsk region.

4. Parish of the Cathedral of Saint Onufrij the Great of the town of Obol’, Shumilinsky district, Vitebsk region.

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