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One more positive stage in partnership between the Univest-M and VTB

The Univest-M group of companies and CJSC Bank VTB (Belarus) are tied with longstanding partner relations and active involvement in joint projects, including intracorporate ones. For instance, on 4 May 2009 on partners’ invitation, management of the Univest-M group of companies participated in the charitable corporate activity «VTB Garden», which took place in the framework of common program «VTB – to the country», conducted by VTB Minsk office. Bank VTB personnel, leaded by the Head of the bank, Vladimir Ivanov, planted lilac bushes in the park in K. Tsetkin Street.

The event occurred in a friendly and unconfined atmosphere. Strictly monitored by the Univest-M personnel, being part of the jury along with the Head of the bank, different contests to identify the most inventive and ingenious VTB individuals were conducted with subsequent conferring prizes and memorable certificates.

Action «VTB Garden», aimed at, first of all, shaping social ecological responsibility of the bank personnel, not just contributed to strengthening the VTB intracorporate team spirit, but also triggered a new round of friendly cooperation between Bank VTB personnel and the Univest-M group of companies.

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