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Installment sales of ready apartments in minipolis Kaskad

Being a developer of “Business and residential minipolis Kaskad”, the Univest-M company, cares a lot about its clients and tries to meet the wishes of every potential buyer by improving its work in this sphere.

By implementing business social responsibility principle, our company has developed and launched implementation of a program aimed at providing ready apartments on a 5-year installment plan, so that all our clients have real possibility to solve their housing problems even in such complicated economic conditions.

Currently, the following flats are offered for sale by installments in minipolis Kaskad: flats in the houses already brought into service at Skryganova Str., 2 (House №1 upon the project) and at Skryganova Str., 4A (in sections “А”, “Б”, “В” of  House №2 upon the project).

One can buy one-roomed, two-and three-room apartments in the mentioned houses on the installment plan for a period of 1-5 years. The sum of the minimum monthly payment in that case will make 702$ and will depend on the following factors: the type of the flat purchased, the amount of the initial installment and the installment period itself.

One can get more detailed information about the price, ready apartment space and possible ways of flat purchasing based on the installment sales program in the Property Sales Department at the following address: Minsk, Skryganova street, 2 or by the telephone numbers: 8 (017) 284 74 44, 8 (029) 107 10 10, 8 (029) 701 10 10.

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