About a group of companies

Address: 3, Gikalo Street,
220005, Minsk, Republic of Belarus.
tel.:+375 (17) 284-59-54

Group of Companies

About a group of companies

The Univest-M group of companies has been working in the Belarusian market since 2001. FE Univest-M was the fist enterprise organized at that time. Later it became parent enterprise. In the following years other organizations were established. Together they represent a group of companies:

  • FLLC Unis Oil - a leading supplier, processer and exporter of oil products in the Republic of Belarus; it is also general building and construction contractor;
  • JLLC UnivestStroyInvest - investor and developer of residential complex Nottingham in Minsk district;
  • Foreign private trading unitary company Bella Rosa Rest - a popular restaurant Bella Rosa in Minsk;
  • Foreign private trading unitary company Limoncello Rest - trattoria chain in Minsk and Zhlobin;

The following objects belong to the group of companies: Reinforced Concrete Constructions Plant in Smolevichi, Slavinasport hotel in Zhlobin, petroleum storage Lisichki in Gomel region, Azimut and Karat business centers in Minsk, architectural monument of the XVII - XIX centuries - Usadba Vankovichej along Filimonova street in Minsk, etc.

One of the important indices of the group of companies' reliability and stability is the fact that in the recent five years Univest-M ranks among ten largest taxpayers of Belarus. This fully satisfies the group of companies' main corporate principle: 'Work honestly and you'll earn more!'.

Nowadays the Univest-M group of companies is realizing a number of large-scale investment projects, namely: minipolis Kaskad in Minsk, residential complex Nottingham in Minsk region, commercial and entertainment center Ekvator in Brest. You can learn more details about these projects in section Business spheres. It is worth saying that the investment portfolio of the group of companies is currently more than dollars. The fact of no small importance is that the Univest-M group of companies' main source of financing is its enterprises' own funds. It should also be stated that following the results of 2009, the Univest-M group of companies took up the fourth position among the largest Belarusian developers. It is all due to its active investment policy, in-demand projects' implementation and experienced personnel selection.

In the course of its activities the Univest-M group of companies applies every effort in order to fulfill its business mission in accordance with the principles of social responsibility and corporate values. Raising unique residential complexes and business-centers with the use of modern construction techniques and nonhazardous materials we are doing our best to make the life of people more comfortable and pleasant. Separate buildings as well as entire residential districts built up by the company become really worthy decoration of the city, a symbol of the development of present-day Belarus. By implementing projects in the sphere of raw hydrocarbon deposits we strengthen partnership relations among Belarus, Russian Federation, Kazakhstan and Ukraine; we also supply enterprises and ultimate users with high-quality petrol, diesel and marine fuel. Through hotel business development we give our clients an opportunity to estimate and to grow fond of author's cuisine.

Advanced technologies application, effective work of the team of managers and executives who are professionals in their own spheres ensure success of all business projects, being implemented by the group of companies.

Corporate values of the Univest-M group of companies are a kind of lighthouses in the business sea we look out for:

  • Activity in strict conformity with law;
  • Business build-up based on principles of transparency and faithfulness;
  • Reliability in partner relations;
  • Openness to modern technologies and introduction of innovations;
  • Confidence in Corporate Social Responsibility.

We hope that your co-operation with the Univest-M group of companies will be fruitful, mutually beneficial and long-term.

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